Digital Skills Awareness

Digital Skills Certificate

The new Digital Skills Awareness course has replaced the Digital Skills Certificate. If you are in the process of completing the Digital Skills Certificate on Moodle, it is still available, however new users should go straight to the Digital Skills Awareness course below.

What is the Digital Skills Awareness Course?

The Digital Skills Awareness online course has been created by the Bloomsbury Learning Environment in partnership with Higher Education Institutions and is designed to create awareness of the type of digital skills needed for study.

The course covers the following areas:

  • General Technologies - Working with files : MS Office applications, browsers, search engines.
  • Learning Technologies - Learning environments, forums, assignments, video, conferencing.
  • Access, Sharing and Safety - Accounts, access, safety, social media, sharing, email.
  • Getting Organised - Note taking, referencing, digital wellbeing, time management.
  • Digital Learning and Self Development - Complete the Jisc Digital Discovery Tool.
  • Digital Identity and Well Being - Computer Security and Internet Safety, LinkedIn for Students, Digital Citizenship.

Why complete the Digital Skills Awareness course?

The course will give tips and pointers about the digital skills needed to help with study in Higher Education.

  • For students it will give skills to help with study.
  • On completion it provides a digital badge which can be used to show a commitment to developing digital skills.
  • It is online and can be studied any time, anywhere, on any device and at your own pace.
  • It will provide increased confidence, knowledge and productivity skills.

Where next?

Self register onto the Digital Skills Awareness - Moodle course and study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.