Digital Skills Certificate

What is the Digital Skills Certificate?

The Digital Skills Certificate is recognition from Information Services (IS) that a student or member of staff has made a commitment to learning digital skills online. It uses courses on, mapped to the Jisc Digital Capability Framework.

A certificate is gained for completing one course in a module, and an overall Digital Skills Certificate for completing a course from all the modules. Certificates can be added to LinkedIn to demonstrate learning, for students the overall award will be displayed on the HEAR transcript. The course is available online on Moodle and can be studied at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

Complete at least one course from each of the following modules.

  • IT Proficiency - Word, Excel, Google Drive, SPSS .
  • Information, Data and Media Literacies - Excel Statistics, Data Driven Presentations with Excel and PowerPoint, SPSS for Academic Research.
  • Digital Creation, Innovation and Scholarship - PowerPoint: Designing Better Slides, Introduction to Screencasting, Google Sites.
  • Communication, Collaboration and Partnership - GMail, Twitter, Webex.
  • Digital Learning and Self Development - complete the Jisc Digital Discovery Tool.
  • Digital Identity and Well Being - Computer Security and Internet Safety, LinkedIn for Students, Digital Citizenship.

Video by the Humanities Online Course Developers.

Why complete the Certificate?

The course is based around the Jisc Digital Capabilities Framework recognised as the standard in Higher Education for delivering digital capability.

  • For students it will give skills to help with study.
  • It will show potential employers evidence of the kind of digital skills they are looking for.
  • It is online and can be studied any time, anywhere, on any device and at your own pace.
  • For staff it will provide increased confidence, knowledge and productivity skills.

Where next?

Find out more about the competencies developed by the Jisc Framework and the Digital Skills Certificate. Please download the leaflet and share it with colleagues.

Self register onto the Moodle course and use to study at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.